Land of the Dead Cameo Zombies

So I’ve seen Land of the Dead a bunch of times.  But as I was watching the other day I noticed a bunch of actors that I’ve seen a bunch of other times in other zombie flicks.  Some I’m sure you’ve seen a hundred times and two I’m sure you didn’t realize at all!

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright

I’m sure you’re scratching your head and saying..Wait what?  Where were Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright?  Well, they had a small zombified roll in the film during the photo scene that you can check out here.

Boyd Banks

What zombie movie hasn’t Boyd Banks been in?  Every time I think of a current day Zombie flick he’s in there somewhere (Land of the Dead, Pontypool, Dawn of the Dead, Diary of the Dead)!

Make sure to check out his IMDB Page

Greg Nicotero

Greg has worked on so many good movies.  Most recently I’d hope you would have heard his name from working on The Walking Dead.  If you don’t know Greg make sure to check out his awesome credits on his IMDB Page

Tom Savini

And the man himself, Tom Savini (If you don’t know Tom Savini…SHAME ON YOU).  I’d hope you remember him in the original Dawn of the Dead(and the remake) and every single other masterful piece of work he’s been a part of.  Check out this 1986 David Letterman segment featuring Tom Savini.

P.S.  He was also Sex Machine in From Dusk Till Dawn.


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